August 2015

The Power Series Power Sales Motivation – August 2015

  • Cape Town – 25 August
  • Durban – 26 Augustbutton_register3
  • Johannesburg – 27 August


Richard Mulvey, Charlotte Kemp and Eberhard Niklaus will be speaking at this month’s Power Series Business Breakfast event.

Achieving Peak Performance

Richard Mulvey

Achieving Peak Performance is a matter of applying two things – Skills & AttitudeRIchard Mulvey

Skills have to be learnt then applied to make them habits. Attitudes have to be created in the imagination. The computer and the brain work in a similar way. When the computer does not perform in the way you expect, you will change the program to ensure that the performance improves. The same is true of the brain. We need to change our programming if we are to succeed.

We are programmed to fail.

As Children we were told we would fall if we climbed too high. As Adults we tell each other negative things which add to our programming. When we get our sales targets each year we complain that “We will never be able to achieve that target”.

We love to be negative and then look for things to support that negativity.

In this session we will explore what it takes to achieve peak performance in whatever you are doing. By using examples from international sports we will see how each one of us can achieve far greater then we ever believed possible.

The Power of Motivated Failure for Sales People

Charlotte Kemp

If a sales person’s job wCharlotte Kempere easy, then anyone could to it. But the only people who maintain a long and successful career in sales, the only ones that an employer wants, are those that have both a plan for achieving success and a plan for dealing with failure.

A successful sales person is unique in their ability to overcome inevitable failure. They have the stomach for it. And that is because, either consciously or unconsciously they have found ways to cope with the emotional roller coaster that comes with not automatically achieving all the goals one sets out to achieve.

In this session we will learn

3 Strategies to approach failure
5 Techniques to reframe failure and achieve better results
4 Methods to set yourself up for overall success inspite of incidental failures

The worst response to failure is to allow yourself, or anyone on your sales team, to get mired in disappointment. The way to overcome that is to have a plan ready to implement when the worst happens, or preferably have the plan in place already.

Charlotte Kemp is an expert on failure, and will lead you through these approaches to navigate your way to success.

The Power of Motivation

Eberhard Niklaus


In his talk on The Power of Motivation, Eberhard Niklaus firstly highlights the two fundamental reasons which drives motivation. No doubt motivation plays a significant role in helping sales people to achieve maximum performance. When
motivation is high, inspiration and enthusiasm are manifest, and performance is significantly enhanced.

In this talk, you will learn various aspects which you can use to build motivation for yourself. Eberhard will also give you some practical tools to use in generating selfworth, enthusiasm and positive thinking.

Real life examples in this talk will also demonstrate the power of motivation in helping people to achieve their dreams and goals. Some of these people managed to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and obstacles because they were motivated by a passion to achieve their dream and goals.

This talk will leave you feeling inspired and positive about how to use motivation in realizing your full potential.


Time: 8.00 for 8.30 – 11.30 am

Price: R745 + VAT or book a table for 6 for R4,000 + VAT

Venues and dates:

Gauteng, Randburg – Randburg Towers – 27 August

KZN, Durban North – Sica’s Guest House – 26 August

Western Cape, Newlands – Kelvin Grove – 25 August



The Speaker for the three consecutive events will be Richard Mulvey, Charlotte Kemp and Eberhard Niklaus

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