Clive PriceClive Price – The Power of Knowing your Achilles’ Heel

Clive Price is the Managing Director of The Peer Group and has a BA (Econ) from Wits University and a Post Graduate Degree in Learning Psychology from London University. He is also a registered Personnel Practitioner and a Fellow of the Institute of Training Management South Africa.  His sales career started early whilst at University selling paint, brick paving and swimming pools.  The consummate sales maestro, Clive can orchestrate any sales dialogue into a win-win for all.  Pushing the boundaries of learning, he has successfully trained thousands of delegates around South Africa who have all experienced the ‘ka-ching’ factor from his unique brand of training.

Clients range from blue chip companies like Alexander Forbes, FNB, Nestle and BMW to SME’s.

Clive’s numerous publications include:   Objections Open the Doors;  Six Common Sales Blunders; How Buyer’s Seduce Salespeople; Watch Your Sales Soar; Coaching – The Forgotten Skill


What is your Achilles Heel? 

Salespeople face enormous challenges, including rejection, hypocritical prospects, loyalty, politics, and even themselves.

Does any of this happen to you?Achilles

  1. Chasing prospects who don’t return calls
  2. Hearing TIO – ‘think it over’ – all too often when you ask for the business
  3. Discounting to obtain or keep business or
  4. Heavy prospecting pipe – line full of ‘fence-sitters’

What is your Achilles’ heel?  Can you describe it? Are you doing anything about it?

Come and learn new techniques to identify and overcome your Achilles’ heel.


Clive’s latest book is ”Turn Cold Calls into Gold Calls” and is available on Amazon.

To find out more about Clive Price and purchase his products click here




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