(Taken from Dynamic Dozen Sales Strategy by Richard Mulvey)

Before we make contact with the customer to let them know we would like to offer them our products we have to do the ‘hard yards’. There are a dozen questions we have to have answers for, in advance of the first contact.

  1. Company – contact details, turnover, employees, etc. This is the easy part. Go to their website and find out as much detail as you can. Who own this company? What do they do? Download their financials. Read their news reports.
  2. Who are the Decision Makers? A chat to the receptionist will often have the answer to this question.
  3. Who are the Influencers? See 2 above.
  4. Who is their current supplier?the-number-12
  5. Why?
  6. What is the business worth now? / In the future?
  7. When is the decision going to be made? / Tender due?
  8. What experience of us have they had in the past? Have they or any company that they are associated with, used your services in the past? Was it a good experience for both sides?
  9. What is their current project? What is their need right now? What are their major challenges? What is keeping the decision makers awake at night?
  10. How can we add value to their team? What else can we do in terms of consultancy, training, other projects etc?
  11. What additional benefits can we offer?
  12. Why should they choose us?

The traditional salesperson would say that we find out most of the answers to the above questions at the first meeting, but this is a mistake. The more you know in advance of the first meeting, or even the first point of contact, the more likely you will impress the prospect.



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