Eberhard Niklaus

Eberhard will be speaking at the August 2015 Power Series on the topic of “The Power Of Motivation

Eberhard1Eberhard is passionate about life, and loves people. He finds tremendous joy and happiness from helping others grow and be successful.

Eberhard also authored a book entitled “Successful Selling Unlocked- Relationship Marketing” in 2009, which has helped many sales people to apply practical aspects to boost their sales results, as well as add passion to their selling!

He has lectured numerous audiences, and coached dozens of business owners to manage successful businesses. Over the past 15 years, he has worked with a group of over 60 franchisees and coached them to run a successful business by teaching them how to apply business skills and maintain positive and winning attitudes.

Eberhard is all about having fun! He believes that you should have fun every single day, and helps other people do the same. His positive outlook on life, coupled with his sincere interest in others, makes him easy to listen to and be with.

You can find his website here.

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