It is said that E.H.Harriman, an American legend in road building once said “Let me be one of fifteen people round a table and I will get my way.”

Is this true? I have no idea, I never met the man, but what I do know is there are many people I have met who just seem to have the same knack. Is it luck? Not at all… it is pure skill, Negotiation skill. This Power Series programme for Buyers and Sellers is all about that skill. The skill to negotiate amongst a group of people and “get your way”, yet have your negotiation opponent feel that they have “got their own way” too.

In the High Vales Sales Negotiation business breakfast we will share with you the techniques to get the best out of any negotiation whether you are the buyer or the seller. In this presentation Richard Mulvey, South Africa’s Leading Sales Speaker will go head to head with Grant Vernon, International Business trainer and negotiation expert to share the Tips, Tricks and Techniques that will dramatically improve your negotiation results.
•    Achieve the best possible result in any negotiation
•    Learn how the best sales people negotiate
•    Learn how the best buyers negotiate
•    Discover what Win-Win really means and …
•    Find out how you can get the lions share of any Win-Win deal
•    Uncover where the power comes from in any negotiation
•    Find out why the Negotiation is often won in the preparation stage, before the two sides meet.
•    Learn why Body Language is so important in any Negotiation



This session will be presented by Richard Mulvey and Grant Vernon, in three venues: Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg on the 8th, 9th and 10th July.





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