Morongwa MakekaneMorongwa Makakane


Morongwa will be speaking at the Power Series Women’s Month in Johannesburg on 28 August. Her topic is ‘The Power to Rise Above Failure’.


Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author, Consultant and Philanthropist – Morongwa Makakane is a determined and driven business woman.


With an MBA from Milpark Business School and over 20 years of solid local and international Blue Chip Corporate Public Sector experience, Morongwa is highly regarded as the authority on topics relating to developing value adding business strategies, as well as the implementation of change management, performance management and effective human resource management strategies.


While Morongwa’s professional qualifications and experience are impressive, what gives Morongwa her unique depth of insight into the human spirit is her own story of personal transformation. As the Managing Director of a hugely successful Organisational Transformation consulting firm, that under her leadership and guidance was very successful, Morongwa went on to see that same company closing its doors – leaving her personally indebted for over a Million Rand.


Today Morongwa is debt free, once again having built up a successful business and having gone on to author two of her own books “When is Enough, Enough? – Ten things any Aspiring Entrepreneur needs to know to Start and Run a Successful Business” and most recently “Breakthrough to your Destiny: You can achieve the success you want, when you want, in the way you want. It all starts with YOU!”

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