In the March 2015 Power Series, Paul will be speaking about Exceptional Customer Service.


The Power of Exceptional Service

Customer Service as a concept has been around for years. But it only happens when people make decisions to be customer friendly, or when organisations have firm guidelines in place – preferably both working “in sync” together. The modern reality is that there are pockets of great service happening all over the world. But mostly there are far greater swaths of poor, indifferent and non-existent service happening too. Therein lies a significant opportunity.

In this talk Paul du Toit establishes some of the key behaviours and attitudes needed to establish consistently high customer service levels in an organisation. He identifies the way we are individually wired to diagnose what great service is, how our customers (surprisingly) perceive us and our offerings, and what needs to be done in a service context to establish the desired client base and retain key customers. The talk features:
•    the 2 sides of the coin
•    setting expectation levels
•    customer emotions
•    building trust
•    avoiding assumptions
•    taking responsibility
•    handling complaints proactively
•    accepting customer criticism
•    identifying key customers
The reality is that increasing sales is often influencing by external factors such as the actions of competitors. Reducing costs to save money has it’s limits – you can only save costs up to a point. Introducing consistently great service offers far more delicious opportunities. It’s happening all over right now, and often relies on a combination of very small, inexpensive things. It could be happening in your organisation right now too. It does not, however, happen by accident! It takes intent, a plan and action.



Paul du Toit is an entertaining, high-content professional keynote speaker who blends his talks to the theme of your conference. His entertaining talks on Sales, Service and Mindset Shift range from 30 minutes to 3 hour sessions. He facilitates full day workshops, and a powerful, well established and acclaimed presentation skills programme.

Paul du Toit is South Africa’s only presentation skills coach and facilitator who is also a Certified Professional Speaking Professional (CSP).  He is one of 8 who have been awarded the CSP designation in Africa, and one of only 21 international speakers who hold the coveted CSPGlobal designation.  The Certified Professional Speaking designation is the most sought after and visible measure of professionalism in the speaking business internationally.

He is a founding member and past president of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (2005-2006), South Africa’s official professional speakers’ association. He served from 2006-2008 as the secretary of the Global Speakers Federation, and 2012-2013 as Treasurer.

He is the author of 3 books including “You Can Present with Confidence” released internationally in 2011 and “The Exceptional Speaker” Co-authored with Alan Stevens. Paul blogs regularly on presentation skills and customer service distributing a bi-monthly e-zine to over 7000 opt-in subscribers. Many of his articles have been published internationally.

As the author of these two books, Paul du Toit has demystified what it takes to speak and present well. His books contain all the tools you need to develop a fearless and commanding presence on the platform.  Paul du Toit is also an established authority on sales, service and presentation having delivered mindset shifting talks, seminars and in-depth programmes in Southern Africa and abroad, including to the Academy for Chief Executives in Great Britain. He has over 15 years of experience training and coaching business executives and successful entrepreneurs and has facilitated presentation skills since 1999, including at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (University of Pretoria) and the Midrand Graduate Institute

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