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Ray Patterson – The Power of You

Ray Patterson is an experienced and accomplished Sales Trainer and Conference Speaker.  He is committed to inspiring a professional attitude in Sales and Sales Management. He has a lifetime’s experience in Sales and Sales Management, starting from when he was 16 selling at a clothes shop on a Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. He loved the idea of “assisting” customers and quickly latched onto the selling skills required. A customer would come in looking for a pair of pants and walk out with two pairs of pants, three shirts, a jacket and a pair of shoes. “I just knew I wanted to be in sales” said Ray.

After spending 16 years working for a few different companies in positions ranging from General Accounts Salesman, Key Accounts Salesman, Sales Manager, Sales Director, Commission only Home Improvements Salesman and Group Managing Director, he started his own business.

In 1992 he started the Professional Sales Association so that Salespeople could have some form of recognition. He started speaking at conferences and loved the satisfaction of “Connecting” with salespeople and inspiring them to be proud of themselves and to be proud of their profession.

Ray is a dynamic presenter with a lifetime’s experience in sales and sales management! He is passionate about the sales profession and about sales people being proud of who they are and proud of what they do.

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