February 2014

Power Series Breakfast – 27 February 2014, Sunnyside Hotel, Parktown, Johannesburg



Ray Patterson – The Power of You

Clive Price – The Power of Knowing Your Achilles’ Heel

What is your Achilles Heel? 

 Salespeople face enormous challenges, including rejection, hypocritical prospects, loyalty, politics, and even themselves.

Does any of this happen to you?

      • Chasing prospects who don’t return calls
      • Hearing TIO – ‘think it over’ – all too often when you ask for the business
      • Discounting to obtain or keep business or
      • Heavy prospecting pipe – line full of ‘fence-sitters’

 What is your Achilles’ heel?  Can you describe it?  Are you doing anything about it?

 Come and learn new techniques to identify and overcome your Achilles’ heel.

Andrew Horton – The Power to Transform and Begin to Perform

Power MC – Paul du Toit


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