July 2015

The Power Series Selling at your Higher Price – July 2015

  • Cape Town – 28 July
  • Durban – 30 Julybutton_register3
  • Johannesburg – 29 July

I hear the same things from Sales People every working day.

“We live in a price driven market”(I am told)
“The customers only care about price”
“In order to sell more we will have to lower our prices to keep up with the competition”

Sales people say these things all the time but none of them are true.

We do not live in a price driven market we live in a quality driven market, price is never the only thing that the customers care about and sometimes we can be more competitive by RIchard Mulveyincreasing our price rather than decreasing it.

It is easier to sell the higher priced product but few sales people understand this principle. Price is not the only issue as far as your customers are concerned, value is what matters and in this presentation we discuss how to get your quality message across to your customers so that you can achieve your premium price.

Motivate your Sales Team to sell at your Higher Price

Very often it is the Salesperson that brings up the issue of price. Sales people the world over think that the only thing that the customer cares about is the price. Sales people think that because that is what the customer tells them, but it is just not true.

“You are going to have to sharpen your pencil if you want this contract” Ever heard that before? Once or twice ……….. a day. The customer tells you this but it is just not true.

Sales people have to be motivated to focus on the real issues in the sale and leave the discussion of the price to the end when the customer is excited by the benefits of the product or service you are selling. Very often the trick is to just motivate the sales person to focus on the value the customers are getting rather than the price they are paying.

Far too often our sales teams see price as the only issue. This is a mistake that can get in the way of developing new profitable opportunities. In this Power Series Business Breakfast we will discuss how to get past price barriers, handle price objections, and close more, higher priced sales.

  • Learn how to avoid Price as the major issue in the sale
  • Discover why it is easier to sell the higher priced product
  • Increase your strike rate and your profit margin
  • Find out how to get across your quality message



Time: 8.00 for 8.30 – 11.30 am

Price: R745 + VAT or book a table for 6 for R4,000 + VAT

Venues and dates:

Gauteng, Randburg – Randburg Towers – 29 July

KZN, Durban North – Sica’s Guest House – 30 July

Western Cape, Newlands – Kelvin Grove – 28 July



The Speaker for the three consecutive events will be Richard Mulvey.

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