March 2015

Power Service – Grow Your Business with Exceptional Customer Service – March 2015

  • Cape Town – 24 March
  • Durban – 25 March
  • Johannesburg – 26 March


The Power to Service Customers via Social Media by Charlotte Kemp

In the third quarter of 2014, over 3, 000, 000 questions were put to brands on Twitter. Only 5% of brands have a full Facebook experience available for consumers, yet these 5% of brands offer more than 50% of the social media customer care. 

The principles of exceptional customer service, of creating raving fans, doesn’t change because we are on social media. It is just another platform to handle questions, offer service, and satisfy customers’ need and fulfill their expectations. 

Companies and Brands shy away from social media when they don’t know how to use it or they are afraid of anything negative being said in such a public platform. The truth is, if a negative comment is going to be made on social media, it will happen with our without your brand having a presence. But if you are there, you can turn the situation around.

Charlotte Kemp

In this presentation, Charlotte Kemp will show you:

  • How to provide exceptional customer service online
  • How to provide content to allow your raving fans to become your virtual PR agents
How to deal with negative comments in a way that makes your business more attractive

The Power of Exceptional Service by Paul du Toit

Customer Service as a concept has been around for years. But it only happens when people make decisions to be customer friendly, or when organisations have firm guidelines in place – preferably both working “in sync” together. The modern reality is that there are pockets of great service happening all over the world. But mostly there are far greater swaths of poor, indifferent and non-existent service happening too. Therein lies a significant opportunity.

 In this talk Paul du Toit establishes some of the key behaviours and attitudes needed to establish consistently high customer service levels in an organisation. He identifies the way we are individually wired to diagnose what great service is, how our customers (surprisingly) perceive us and our offerings, and what needs to be done in a service context to establish the desired client base and retain key customers.

Paul du Toit

The talk features:

  • the 2 sides of the coin
  • setting expectation levels
  • customer emotions
  • building trust
  • avoiding assumptions
taking responsibility
handling complaints proactively
  • accepting customer criticism
identifying key customers

The reality is that increasing sales is often influencing by external factors such as the actions of competitors. Reducing costs to save money has it’s limits – you can only save costs up to a point. Introducing consistently great service offers far more delicious opportunities. It’s happening all over right now, and often relies on a combination of very small, inexpensive things. It could be happening in your organisation right now too. It does not, however, happen by accident! It takes intent, a plan and action.


The Power to Create Raving Fans by Richard Mulvey

In the past we have always tried to create “Happy and Satisfied Customers” but this is no longer enough. Everybody is doing that and if we want to differentiate ourselves from our competitors we have to be doing more. Instead of creating satisfied customers we need to be going for “Raving Fans”. 

In “The Power to Create Raving Fans” Richard Mulvey will be outlining what it takes to make sure all your customers go away looking forward to the next time they do business with you and then ring their friends to tell them what a fantastic experience they have just had. 

Creating Raving Fans is not difficult and Richard will guide you through the three simple steps:

RIchard Mulvey

  1. Create a Vision of a “Raving Fan” experience in your company or department
  2. Find out what your customers want
Deliver, one step at a time.

In addition we will also be discovering what the best thing is that your customers can do for you, how to handle difficult complaints and how to make sure your customers return over and over again.





Time: 8.30 – 11.30 am

Price: R745 + VAT or book a table for 6 for R4,000 + VAT

Venues and dates:

Gauteng, Randburg – Randburg Towers – 26 March

KZN, Durban North – Sica’s Guest House – 25 March

Western Cape, Newlands – Kelvin Grove – 24 March



To see more about the Speakers you can go to their profiles. Richard Mulvey, Paul du Toit and Charlotte Kemp.


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