November 2017

Motivation, Inspiration and Innovation for your sales team – November 2017

  • Cape Town – 22 November
  • Durban – 24 Novemberbutton_register3
  • Johannesburg – 23 November



Richard Mulvey

It doesn’t matter how skilled your team is, if they are not motivated they cannot sell.

Sales teams are often motivated by the carrot and stick approach. When they are achieving they are praised and rewarded, when they are not achieving they are reprimanded and often become the casualties of the company reshuffle. Many studies have shown that this is not the best approach to maintaining and improving the company’s profitability. We have to find another way to improve the results of the sales team

In the Power Series Business Breakfast this month we explore a number of different ways to keep the sales team motivated to produce better results. The team have the skills, now let’s motivated them to use those skills and increase your bottom line.

All sales teams have goals and targets, but do those targets motivate your team to produce better results?

The purpose of setting goals is to inspire action not to predict it.


Charlotte KempCharlotte Kemp Futurist

Innovation is one of the most essential mind sets and skills to develop for a company’s sales team to remain viable, sustainable and profitable.

Innovative thinking is not just for product lines and marketing campaigns but must be applied to all facets of business, but what happens when we are not innovative?

Innovation help us to make our thinking agile and adaptive and avoid the perils of continuing old business models that, while they have worked for years or decades, will fail to deliver results in the future.

In this session we will discuss how to help your business

  • Discover new markets
  • Evolve to take advantage of opportunities
  • Accelerate your response time to beat your competition
  • Scale your business to the best size for your needs
  • Extend your reach to networks and
  • Mobilize your people to be motivated to make your business succeed


Innovation is not just a creative activity but is also driven by facts and data. It is an essential element to work into every level of your business and every department. Innovative thinking will help you be more profitable, keep your best talent, avoid potential dead ends in business and thrive past the expiry of your competition.




Time: 8.00 for 8.30 – 11.30 am

Price: R695 + VAT or book a table for 6 for R3,500 + VAT

Venues and dates:

Gauteng, Randburg – Oaklands Inn – 23 November

KZN, Durban North – Gateway Hotel – 24 November

Western Cape, Cape Town – new venue – 22 November



The speakers for the three consecutive events will be Richard Mulvey and Charlotte Kemp

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