October 2016

Making Appointments and Selling over the Telephone
& Working with Millennials

 – October 2016

  • Cape Town: 19 October
 – Royal Golf Club, Ottery
  • Durban: 21 October
 – SICA’s Guest House Owen Ave, Berea
  • Johannesburg: 20 October – Oaklands Inn, Randburg



Making Appointments and Selling over the Telephone

by Richard Mulvey

We all use the telephone. Even my eight year old grandson can call his friends and make arrangements to visit. (hopefully with parental approval). But how many of us learn to use the telephone efficiently? In this Power Series Business Breakfast Richard Mulvey will describe the principles of making appointments and selling over the telephone, helping your team to close more sales and grow your customer base.

  • Close more sales on the Phone
  • Learn how to make appointments over the Phone
  • Get through to the decision maker every time
  • Discover how telephone etiquette can improve your strike rate
  • Professionally handle all objections over the Phone
  • Find out how to design scripts that really work
  • Become your company’s star telesales specialist

In this session you will learn how to build trust and respect over the telephone, convert cold calling into warm calling to improve your strike rate and create a positive first impression over the telephone. We will also discuss strategies to help you speak to the decision maker, and create interest to encourage the customer to buy.

Ever had problems with the Gatekeeper? In this session we will discuss proven techniques to avoid gatekeeper problems and get straight through to the decision maker.


Working with Millennials

by Charl Jooste

The Millennial generation is the most educated generation ever to hit the workplace. They are smart, technically savvy and expect a great deal from life. The challenge is that they are also very different from the other generations and are motivated in an entirely different way.
In “Working with Millennials”  Charl Jooste will outline the differences and offer solutions that will help people of all generations to understand each other.

  • Why is the job the most important part of a millennial’s life
  • Why are millennials not motivated by money
  • How to get millennials to enjoy doing the grunt work
  • Why millennials are more likely to become entrepreneurs
  • How Millennials cope much better with multi-tasking than any other generation
  • In a multi-cultural, multi-generational workforce millennials cross the divide and in this presentation we will discover how.


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