September 2014

Selling at your Higher Price – Motivating your Sales Team


Selling at Your Higher Price

 Richard MulveyRichard Mulvey

I hear the same things from Sales People every working day.
“We live in a price driven market.” (I am told) 
”The customers only care about price.”  
”In order to sell more we will have to lower our prices to keep up with the competition.”
Sales people say these things all the time but none of them are true.
We do not live in a price driven market we live in a quality driven market, price is never the only thing that the customers care about and sometimes we can be more competitive by increasing our price rather than decreasing it.
It is easier to sell the higher priced product but few sales people understand this principle. Price is not the only issue as far as your customers are concerned, value is what matters and in this presentation we discuss how to get your quality message across to your customers so that you can achieve your premium price.
•    Learn how to avoid Price as the major issue in the sale
•    Discover why it is easier to sell the higher priced product
•    Increase your strike rate and your profit margin
•    Find out how to get across your quality message
Far too often our sales teams see price as the only issue. This is a mistake that can get in the way of developing new profitable opportunities. In this Power Series Business Breakfast we will discuss how to get past price barriers, handle price objections, and close more, higher priced sales.

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Motivating your Sales Team

Nick Chapman

Motivation is the life blood of any sales team. You can have all the skills in the world but without motivation they are meaningless. In this presentation Nick Chapman will explore what it takes to motivate a sales team from personal experience as a successful sales manager  and developer of the “ Themed Performance Boosters”.

There are 4 main lesson that culminate in the introduction of “ Themed Performance Boosters”Nick Chapman s

  1. The 80 /10 rule 80% of sales happen on the 6th contact only. 10% of sales people contact customers more than once and to those 10% go 80% of the sales.
  2. Most sales teams have one or two performers who always exceed targets and win all the incentives.
  3. The sales motivation given in the sales meeting / conference only lasts until the sales team hits the road or the phones.
  4. Creating teams with combined targets & building in a fun element with visible up to the minute progress raised level of performance of the whole team. Using quarterly themed progress charts & incentives to create sustainable motivation and a fun work environment has been a major contributor to my company’s success.


Presentation Dates

Cape Town          30 September
 – Kelvin Grove Conference Centre
Durban                 2 October
 – SICA’s Guest House
Johannesburg     1 October
 – Randburg Towers Ferndale

08:00 for 08:30 to 11:30
Only R695
 plus vat per person
R3,500 plus VAT for a table of 6

Price includes Breakfast and a Business Goodie Bag with books and DVDs valued at more than the ticket price