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Become part of a growing number of Professional Speakers in South Africa who have spoken at the Power Series Business Breakfasts.

The following professional speakers have already benefited from the Power Series:Power Series Speakers

Billy Selekane

Wolfgang Riebe

Douglas Kruger

Jacques de Villiers

Mark Berger

Richard Mulvey


The Power Series is a series of keynote presentations held around the country to highlight South Africa’s wealth of world class speaking talent and promote speakers to prospective customers including business people, PCOs, Agents and event organizers.

The Power Series will be held regularly in a different South African city and will be open to Southern African speakers who can prove their credentials and experience as a professional keynote speaker. This is not an opportunity for “wannabes” to perform, each speaker will have to prove their credentials with a video and/or audition.


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Benefits to speakers

The Power Series is not intended to make huge profits. The price per delegate will be set at the minimum required to cover all the costs of the venue, advertising, and video recording. The speakers will not be paid a fee or traveling expenses to attend and will benefit from their contribution as follows:

  1. Exposure to the people who are looking to book speakers for coming conferences and conventions.
  2. An opportunity to showcase their work to agents in the area.
  3. Each speaker will get 50 minutes to perform their Keynote.
  4. Each speaker will get 5 free seats for special delegates they would like to invite (subject to the conditions below).
  5. Speakers will also take away with them a DVD of their presentation that they can market around the world to create a passive income.
  6. Your video footage will also be available in the appropriate format to put on your website, YouTube.com or the agent’s site. “If you don’t have video footage you don’t exist” Bronwyn Hesketh of Speakers Inc.
  7. A permanent page and video clip on the Power Series website (www.powerseries.co.za) with links to their own site and where their products can be purchased.
  8. Be part of the PR campaign in advance of the event with newspaper articles and radio interviews where possible.

Required from the speakers

Speakers who agree to attend will be required to:

  1. Sign a contract binding them to attend the event and deliver their keynote.
  2. It will be expected that each speaker will advertise the event to their customer database and be able to promote the event well enough to get at least 10 paying delegates to attend. Once they have 10 paying customers they can personally invite delegates to fill their 5 free places.
  3. Agree to allow Perception Business Skills to market the DVD of their presentation on the Power Series website and any where else they choose.
  4. Agree to speak at the event with no fee or other costs.
  5. Agree to add an item to the business goodie bag.

This is a great opportunity for professional speakers in Southern Africa to showcase their talent to a wide range of new prospective clients. Each speaker will get a DVD to sell as well as the attendance list to continue to market to.

The Business Breakfast will start at 08:30 and finish by 12:00. There will be just 3 speakers and one MC at each event.

The Power Series will be marketed to my database as well as some paid advertising to fill the rooms with PR exposure where possible. The target will be at least 100 people at each event and this will be possible if we all contribute to the effort by using our own databases.

It is our plan to make this a regular event in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban as well as Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and other cities in Southern Africa.

If you would like to apply, please complete the Speaker Application Form.

Richard Mulvey


Speaker Application Form

Speaker Application Information

Speaker Contracts