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Mark Berger is the CEO of Mark Berger Training; a Cape Town based Management Consultancy founded in 1996. His company specialises in Personal Effectiveness, Sales Training, Leadership Training,  Team Development and Staff Motivation.

Prior to becoming a trainer and professional speaker, Mark was a serial entrepreneur. He founded and built 3 diverse manufacturing companies before selling each of them for a tidy profit.

Mark is a prodigy of the human potential movement. He attended his first personal development workshop at the tender age of 12. This life changing program set him on a journey of self-discovery which continues to this day.

His life’s work is about finding ways to continuously improve performance and then sharing the best of those findings with his customers.

Mark is also an avid student and teacher of the science of finding inner peace and happiness. To accelerate this process, he has already made 5 trips to the OSHO Institute in India.

He occasionally writes pro South African newsletters and articles which mysteriously manage to travel electronically all over the known world.

Mark’s approach to training is direct, practical and informal. He regards delegate participation and interaction as the keys to a successful presentation.


Mark Berger’s website can be found here.


You can see more of Mark in action here.


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