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Ronnie is a founding member of the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa (PSASA). He presents to audiences both locally and overseas, from Australia, New Zealand, India and Singapore to the UK, the USA and Canada.

Roger Knowles, organiser of the Professional Speakers Association annual conference in Durban had this to say after Ronnie’s presentation at the event: ‘You were an inspiration. Quite frankly, I was not looking forward to another Everest “conquest”, but your presentation was so powerful and authentic, it was fantastic! Your standing ovation bears testimony to this. Thank you for helping make it such a great convention. The PSASA is indebted to you.’

Having stood on the peaks of six of the Seven Summits, Ronnie is on a quest to climb his seventh summit and he has many adventures to share with his audiences, inspiring them to live a more fulfilled life.

In 2006 he spent two months on the North Face of Everest, unsuccessful in his bid to become the 10th South African to stand on her summit. He returned to the mountain in 2007 and on 23 May, fulfilled his dream by becoming the seventh South African to summit via the North-east Ridge – this time as leader of the first successful South African team to the North side of Everest in which three out of four climbers summited.

You can read about Ronnie’s adventures on Everest in his second book Everest: Surviving the Death Zone – an honest, insightful and gripping account of Ronnie’s journeys.
Ronnie takes inspiration from his experiences and from the wisdom of mankind and has published Inspiration: A treasury of Wisdom, a book compiled from his weekly emailed newsletters in which he always imparts a gem of wisdom.
Ronnie has produced five documentaries, which follow his mountain adventures, with his latest DVD following his successful summit of Everest. This dramatic production contains unique footage high in the Death Zone in one of the most inhospitable and beautiful places on our planet.

Ronnie is an established athlete with a number of top 10 positions to his credit. He has completed 20 Two Oceans Marathons and 11 Comrades Marathons with a best time of 6 hr 25 min.
Ronnie has run his own financial planning practice since 1982. He is a life and qualifying member of the Million Dollar Round Table and for the last four years has qualified for the Top of the Table. He is currently serving on the Business Advisors Structure Committee of MDRT, having previously served on the Ethics Committee, the Practice Management Committee and on the International Management Council as the Zone Chair for Southern Africa.

But most importantly, Ronnie is constantly striving to be a better friend, father and overall a more enlightened, fun-loving and joyful human being.




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