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Wolfgang Riebe is authentic, humble, passionate, powerful, energetic, intensely ethical, very funny, grounded, deeply insightful and a true ‘doctor’ of hope. He has achieved huge international acclaim, while still remaining humble, passionate and an inspiration to millions of people. 

In brief he achieved international acclaim as a comedy magician, traveling the globe on the world’s top cruise liners, appearing in leading theatres and starring in numerous of his own prime time TV series. At the same time he completed his studies, wrote books and took part in expeditions in the Arctic & Antarctic. Wolfgang lives in the moment and experiences life 100%. At the age of 35, after achieving all his dreams, he decided it was time to give back and share his true life experiences with the world. Today, at 49 he has become an iconic figure in the speaking and entertainment industry, having entertained and inspired over 1 million people live.
His speciality … mind shift! Changing the way you think, from general staff to senior management. Isn’t it time you shifted your perceptions?


Wolfgang’s site can be found here and you can find Wolfgang Riebe’s products here.




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