Body Language for Sales People

Understanding Body Language will help you close more sales

25 June  2021

08:45 for 09:00 to 11:30

Only R395 ($30) per delegate per session

R2,100 ($150) for 6 delegates from the same company
Body Language for Sales People
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Body Language for Salespeople

Body Language represents the silent signals that people use to let you know what they are thinking. We smile when we are happy and frown when we are angry. These simple body language gestures are well known, but do you know when people are thinking positively or lying to you.

In this Power Series Special Richard Mulvey will explain why an understanding of body language will help you make the right impression when you meet people, manage difficult objections and close more sales,  In this two and half hour session you will learn how to:

  • Make a good First Impression every time
  • Use the best body language gestures on Zoom or Teams meetings
  • Read what your customer is thinking
  • Know exactly when to close the sale
  • Control a meeting without dominating that meeting
  • Discover when people are lying to you (Buyers are Liars)
  • Use your hands to demonstrate your honesty
  • Use the best sitting or standing positions to show confidence
  • Body Language gestures to avoid and those to use regularly.

In this two and a half-hour online session, you will gain confidence in the body language you use and read what your customers or prospects are thinking. These skills are essential for good salespeople.

These live online sessions are fun and entertaining while at the same time they are full of techniques your sales team can use to grow your business. Each week we look at a different set of skills to see more customers, manage client meetings successfully and close more sales.

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About the Presenter – Richard Mulvey

Richard Mulvey is one of South Africa’s leading Sales Speakers and Trainers and over the last 27 years has inspired more than 200,000 business people throughout three continents. Richard’s corporate life includes a rise in the ranks to Sales Director for an international company in a service industry 

After spending a couple of years traveling the world Richard was enticed back to corporate life before setting up on his own. In addition to a successful corporate career Richard has also worked for the Queen in Buckingham Palace, written and marketed a multi-restaurant accounting package called “Trade Inn”, traveled overland from London to South Africa and back again and recently climbed Kilimanjaro to raise R70,000 for Reach for a Dream.

Richard is the author of 21 Motivational Business Books and 55 Training DVDs. He is a Past President of the Professional Speaker’s Association of Southern Africa (2008-9 & 2016-17) and a member of the Global Speakers Federation. Richard was recently inducted into the Southern African Speaker Hall of Fame and this year was awarded the Founders Award, the highest award for a speaker or trainer in Southern Africa

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Only R395 ($25) per delegate per session

R2100 ($125) for 6 people from the same company