In-House Sales Training

Richard Mulvey will train your sales team to close more profitable business and increase your bottom line

Richard Mulvey, South Africa’s leading sales trainer, will help your team improve their sales results. With a range of in-house sales training courses from the basic to the most advance, Richard will up-skill your team to dramatically improve their strike rate and your profitability.

The Sales Courses by Richard Mulvey available in-house include:

Practical Selling Skills
Advanced Selling Skills
Key Account Management
Negotiation for Sales People
Sales Presentations that Win
Practical Sales Management

See Below for Course Content

Thank you Richard. Your ability to get the goal established quickly, so that we could concentrate on what needed to be done to achieve it, was masterful. Your infectious and constructive sense of humour made the process a pleasure and I would recommend your input to any other company which needs to refocus in the light of external developments.
James Cunningham
CEO Barpro Storage +27 (21) 552 9190

 For a free review of your team’s sales performance, or a quote for training contact Richard by completing the form below.

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The advantages of having this training in-house 

  • The training is focused on your challenges and objectives for the year
  • The training is built around your product or service using examples in your industry
  • The training can be done at any time that suits your work schedules
  • Training your whole team together will ensure you are all working towards the same goals with the same skills
    In-house training can also be very cost effective

With in-house courses you can create your own program by combining any of the modules below.

Discuss your own course content with Richard Mulvey on: +27 (0) 832809800 or email [email protected]

We noticed that our Durban sales manager was lacking motivation, thus we contracted Richard to wave his magic hand and sprinkle some of his gold dust. Richard embraced the task and set about changing the attitude and working with the senior manager to realign his sales methods, sales executive management skills and reporting processes. Our doors will always be open and look forward to working with Richard in our other branches in the near future.
Glen Isserow
Sales director Prime Fastener +27 21 4423202

Course Content:

Practical Selling Skills 

The Sales Cycle; Prospecting for New Customers; Customer Profiling; Developing a Relationship; 
Making an Appointment; Sales Communication; Open and Closed Questions; Creating the Right Impression; Features / Needs / Benefits; Handling Difficult Objections; Closing every Sale; Selling at your Higher Price; Closing with different personnalities types; Selling over the Telephone; Keeping Statistics; How to motivate yourself to be a Sales Winner.

Advanced Selling Skills

Review of Basic Selling Skills; The Psychology of Selling; Key Account Sales Strategy; Selling Quality at your Higher Price; Writing a Proposal; Presenting your Proposal; Time / Area Management; Negotiation Techniques; Delivering Exceptional Customer Service; Motivating yourself to Sell

Practical Sales Management

The Hunters; The Farmers and the Farmer’s wife; Recruiting the right people and developing a team; Interviewing techniques; Managing Change; Setting Goals together; Coaching and Mentoring ; Commissions and incentives; ; Planning; organising and controlling the sales team; Developing a vision for the sales team; Developing sales strategies; Using technology to improve sales; Forecasting; Managing Performance and Measuring Results; Motivating your Sales People to sell.

Key Account Management

This course is highly interactive with group exercises and assignments. The course content includes: The Future of Key Account Management; Key Account Objectives and Strategy; Building strategic options – Identify and rank the key accounts for their departments or functions; Getting what you want from your Key Account; The Key to Conflict Resolution; Getting your Higher Price from your Key Accounts; Writing a Proposal for your Key Account; Presenting your Proposal to Senior Key Account Clients; Building an annual business review for your existing Key Accounts; Presenting the Proposal that was prepared in the individual exercise, to the group; Applying the Key Account Targeting Model to identify where to invest your time; Developing a strategic account plan to grow your major Key Account; Write your own Key Account plan; Motivating yourself to manage your Key Accounts

Negotiation for Sales People

In the Sales Negotiation course we will explore: What Win-Win means and how can we achieve it; Find out how you can get the lion’s share of any Win-Win deal; Find out why the Negotiation is often won in the preparation stage; Learn why Body Language is so important in any Negotiation; How to become powerful in any negotiation; Discover the difference between Competitive negotiation and Co-operative negotiation; Buyers Tricks and how to avoid them; Where price fits in to your negotiations; The best two letter word for a negotiator and how to use it; Why you should never accept their first offer. 

This course includes case studies in your own industry and role-play to make sure the skills are applied. Sales Negotiation is all about securing the best deal for yourself and your company, while your customer or client believes they have secured the best possible deal for themselves and will want to come back over and over again. This is a perfect Win-Win.

Sales Presentations that Win

This course is designed for sales people who have to present their product or service to clients on a regular basis. In the course we explore how to put a winning presentation together and how to deliver the presentation to win the deal. The course contains five modules of intensive training, assignments, preparation and presentations. Each person attending will have the opportunity to present two prepared speeches in front of the group. Each will be recorded and reviewed individually. There will be no embarrassing public discussion of mistakes, each delegate will have a personal meeting with Richard Mulvey to review and help improve presentation style.

About Richard Mulvey

Richard Mulvey is one of South Africa’s leading Sales Speakers and Trainers and over the last 25 years has inspired more than 200,000 business people throughout three continents. Richard’s corporate life includes a rise in the ranks to Sales Director for an international company in a service industry 

After spending a couple of years traveling the world Richard was enticed back to corporate life before setting up on his own. In addition to a successful corporate career Richard has also worked for the Queen in Buckingham Palace, written and marketed a multi-restaurant accounting package called “Trade Inn”, traveled overland from London to South Africa and back again and recently climbed Kilimanjaro to raise R70,000 for Reach for a Dream.

Richard is the author of 21 Motivational Business Books and 55 Training DVDs. He is a Past President of the Professional Speaker’s Association of Southern Africa (2008-9 & 2016-17) and a member of the Global Speakers Federation. Richard was recently inducted into the South African Speaker Hall of Fame and this year was awarded the Founders Award, the highest award for a speaker or trainer in Southern Africa

As a novice sales person I find all the information shared to be very interesting and easy to understand. The course is entertaining and gives me a lot to think about. Implementing the skills will take practice but it can only improve my performance. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel a lot more confident in approaching my clients as I know what questions to ask and when to listen.
Joanne Clark
Sales Rep

Companies that have already benefited from Richard Mulvey's Training