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Are you looking for an effective way to train your team during lockdown?

While we are all restricted due to physical distancing our sales teams cannot just sit back and stagnate. We have to learn how to manage the situation to maintain and grow our skills so that we can and grow our businesses. The Power Series Online Seminars are going to help your team take advantage of the downtime to improve their skills

These live online sessions are fun and entertaining while at the same time they are full of techniques your team can use to grow your business. 

These full day sessions will be held on the 14th and 28th May

LinkedIn Training For Branding, Positioning and Lead Generation

LinkedIn is the most effective tool for branding, positioning and lead generation and yet most people only scratch the surface of what is available even on the free version of LinkedIn. 

Designed specifically for business use, LinkedIn allows you to demonstrate your expertise, explain your solutions, reach new potential markets and nurture business relationships. 

During this course we will learn: 

      • How to position yourself as an expert or as the thought leader in your market.
      • How to use the media tools and fields in LinkedIn to demonstrate your value to potential clients. 
      • How to find new potential clients or markets, either in specific fields or in specific locations around the world.
      • How to nurture relationships on LinkedIn to make the most effective use of your network.
      • How to use LinkedIn for research on clients, companies or areas of interest.
      • How to develop a wide or potentially very focussed network. 

Difficulty level

This course is designed for people who know their way around LinkedIn already, however, if you are new to linked in, before the training, delegates will receive an introductory document to walk you through some basic fields in LinkedIn so that the conversation can then be set at a higher level to make sure that delegates can achieve very intentional results.

‍LinkedIn Training  14 May 2020

08:45 for 09:00 to 16:00

Only R1950 per delegate per session

R4,800 for 3 delegates from the same company 

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Social Media Training For Branding, Positioning and Lead Generation

Social Media allows people to have a far greater impact on their career opportunities than in the past. The appropriate use of these skills is essential right now, as we experience the uncertainty of our individual jobs, contracts and clients and need to be more proactive in positioning ourselves for future work opportunities. 

While we can entertain ourselves with frivolous social media activities, if we approach this powerful set of tools with a clear intention, we can achieve great results. 

Regardless of whether you are working for an employer or are selling your own professional skills and services, this one day course will help you to get clarity on your activities and create an action plan to make specific and valuable use of your chosen social media platforms. 

You can extend your reach and effectiveness in terms of personal professional branding, positioning of yourself as a preferred solution provider, and of course generate leads and move clients through a shortened and effective sales cycle. 

During this course we will learn:

      • Creating a personal professional brand
      • Understanding positioning as a sales tool
      • Lead generation / Finding new clients
      • Content Creation / Allowing clients to find you
      • Researching your client and market
      • Supporting the Sales Cycle

‍Social Media Training  28 May 2020

08:45 for 09:00 to 16:00

Only R1950 per delegate per session

R4,800 for 3 delegates from the same company 

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Who should attend this training?

The training is ideal for managers. senior managers, directors, sales people, entrepreneurs and anybody else who is responsible for branding, positioning and lead generation.

About the Presenter 

Charlotte Kemp SdPFA is a speaker, trainer and author and an avid social media user, and has presented numerous talks and training sessions on various elements of social media. She has presented· to delegates in companies such as Old Mutual, Celestis, Telkom, CSIR and Nedbank. She has worked on many social media accounts for clients in the fields of finance, retail, B2B, marketing, non-profit and SMMEs. 

Charlotte is a professional speaker and the deputy president of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa.

Book for Both Courses

‍LinkedIn and Social Media Training  14 & 28 May 2020

08:45 for 09:00 to 16:00

Only R3000 per delegate for both sessions

R8,000 for 3 delegates from the same company 

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