Managing a Remote Sales Team

Managing a Remote Sales Team

26 June 2020

08:45 for 09:00 to 16:00

Only R1200 ($70 or £55) per delegate

R6000 ($350 or £280) for 6 delegates from the same company

Managing a sales team is different to the usual management challenges. Not only does the sales manager have to manage the sales team but often has to be a first class sales person as well. In addition they have to be good leaders, manage their team to produce measured results and they often have to be able to recruit the right people to sell.

Managing a remote sales team has additional challenges. Not only do sales managers need to manage and motivate their people at a distance but they also have to be able to develop sustainable sales strategies, control the technology around them, manage the areas the team work in and often take over if the sale is a big one.

In the difficult circumstances we currently find ourselves in the Sales Manager has to find ways to keep the team motivated and positive about selling.

The Sales Manager’s Course for remote sales teams has been developed by Richard Mulvey to cover the essentials of first class sales management in problematic times. This one-day course is designed to ensure that the skills are not only learnt but also applied on a regular basis to produce measurable results.

During this one-day course we will discuss the following:

      • How to make sure that remote employees communicate and collaborate 
      • Understanding how to manage their (and your) stress levels
      • Getting the appropriate tools and software to do the job from home
      • Controlling the team to maintain performance levels
      • Providing the context for the team and bring the importance of their roles to achieving sales goals
      • Encouraging engagement and building trust

This online course is highly interactive with breakout sessions at each stage to ensure the skills are learnt and understood. 

We have just finished a series of training courses with Richard Mulvey. Richard was able to comprehend and adjust to the various business styles and processes over the GoGlobal group. As the group covers services from logistics, IT, statutory documentation to service departments Richards style of teacher, use of humour and cutting edge thinking reached every member in the class. Richard’s focus on return on investment is a key factor to why he has become a preferred service provider to GoGlobal. He is always looking for inventive ways to complement our business and is not shy to point out ways to improve our training spend through implementing the skills learnt in class. Richard is professional, knowledgeable and has become part of the GoGlobal team.
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Mac Ram

About the Presenter – Richard Mulvey

Richard Mulvey is one of South Africa’s leading Sales Speakers and Trainers and over the last 25 years has inspired more than 200,000 business people throughout three continents. Richard’s corporate life includes a rise in the ranks to Sales Director for an international company in a service industry 

After spending a couple of years traveling the world Richard was enticed back to corporate life before setting up on his own. In addition to a successful corporate career Richard has also worked for the Queen in Buckingham Palace, written and marketed a multi-restaurant accounting package called “Trade Inn”, traveled overland from London to South Africa and back again and recently climbed Kilimanjaro to raise R70,000 for Reach for a Dream.

Richard is the author of 21 Motivational Business Books and 55 Training DVDs. He is a Past President of the Professional Speaker’s Association of Southern Africa (2008-9 & 2016-17) and a member of the Global Speakers Federation. Richard was recently inducted into the Southern African Speaker Hall of Fame and this year was awarded the Founders Award, the highest award for a speaker or trainer in Southern Africa

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