The best script for making an appointment

I came across a very good script some years ago, that will help you make that appointment.

At the start of the telephone call you should use the prospects name, and then continue to use it throughout the conversation. People like the sound of their own name and it gives them confidence that the call is directed at them.

Just be a bit careful with names. Recently I met with a young lady online who had requested an appointment with me. She was full of herself, and not at all interested in anything I had to say. I had allocated her thirty minutes so I sat back to listen. During the conversation, she called me Roger three times. She had obviously heard somewhere that putting the first name in the conversation makes the customer feel at ease, however, Roger isn’t very appropriate my name is Richard. Not surprisingly she did not endear herself to me.

Having then introduced yourself you will need to get the attention of the prospect in some way. A referral is good here.

“Brian Jones suggested I should give you a call.”

Or maybe just refer to a letter of introduction you sent the prospect last week.
“I sent you a letter (e-mail) last week; did you get a chance to look at it?”

Now you need to let the prospect know why you are calling.

“The reason for the call today John, as you may be aware, (Your Company) have recently developed an idea on ??? (Good Feature) for people in positions like yourself and I would be happy to drop by and give you the opportunity of seeing it. I am calling today to say that I will be in your area tomorrow around three and wondered, would you be there for about 7 minutes.”

Where there are a series of question marks you will insert the feature that you think will grab the attention of that prospect.  Remember, while every prospect is different there are some things that most people are interested in, saving time, saving money, improved performance, reduced liability, increased profitability, increased efficiency, etc.
You will notice that this is a very soft approach. We are not making an appointment; we are going to “drop by” at around three tomorrow. This soft approach makes it very difficult for the prospect to object.

If you are working in a retail environment you may want to persuade the prospect to come and see you. I was training a team of bank managers last year and between us, we came up with the following:

“The reason for the call today John, as you may be aware, Xxxxx Bank has recently developed an idea that allows our customers to control and ultimately reduce their bank charges. This has proved to be remarkably efficient for people in positions like yourself. I am sure you would be interested in reducing your bank charges John, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, I would.”

“That’s great! You are most welcome to drop by and join me for a cup of coffee and chat about it. I see you live in the area, how often do you come into the centre?”

“Well… I drive past most days”.

“Perhaps you would like to pop in tomorrow, or would Thursday be better for you?”

Notice the alternative close at the end “…tomorrow, or would Thursday be better…” We will talk about this later but in this case, it works because the prospect would find it harder to object by saying he is busy.

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