“The Power of Positive Selling”

The Power of Positive Selling is 300 pages of Tricks, Tips and Techniques that will help you close more sales.

The Power of Positive Selling teaches a new style of selling that is replacing what we have been used to for years.

‘Solution selling’ is dead, or at least is dying. The prospect already knows what solution he wants, he now has access to all the information he needs to make a considered decision.

This doesn’t mean that we sales people will no longer have a job. On the contrary there will always be a need for good sales people.
The best sales people now have become trusted advisors and colleagues to our customers and that trend will continue.

In this book, Richard Mulvey outlines all that is good with ‘traditional selling’ together with the new developments that will help you be the sales person you want to be.

Topics covered in this 304-page book:

  • The History of Selling
  • Selling Solutions
  • Getting New Customers
  • Developing Sales Strategies
  • Making Contact and Making Appointments
  • Creating the Right Impression
  • Uncovering the Customer’s Needs
  • Closing the Sale
  • Handling Objections 
  • Selling over the Telephone
  • Keeping your Customer’s Forever
  • Selling Quality
  • Selling at your Higher Price
  • Negotiate for Sales People
  • Motivating Yourself
  • The New Sales Representative

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